Short Video of a Meg/Digger pup retrieving at 12 weeks old!

This is short video of “Boss” owned and trained by Blaine Reed. Good looking pup with a LOT of retrieving desire! Video

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Meg and Digger have a litter of pups available!

Meg and Digger had a litter of nine pups October 21, 2017. They are all happy, healthy, and busy! Most were reserved before we put the notice on our website. We do have one of the females not yet reserved as of this date and every one of these pups will make an excellent addition […]

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Willow has pups! New Labradoodle Pups at Our Kennel

Willow, our Standard Bred Poodle has had a litter of eleven pups!   The sire is our Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Digger. The litter has both male and female and four different colors – Chocolate, Parchment, Caramel, and Black. Female pups from this litter should be around 65 lbs. while males should be around 75 lbs. […]

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Meg/Digger’s Puppies All Out to Great Homes

All of Meg and Diggers Puppies, which were seven weeks old on April 19, 2017 have gone to excellent homes!

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Meg’s Litter is Here

Meg's Litter is Here

Meg had her first litter of pups, all chocolate, March 1, 2017. There are seven pups, four females and three males. All are happy, fat, and healthy. We removed the dew claws today and Mom took very good care of them. Meg is an awesome mom, always very careful around them and provides a great […]

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New Standard Bred Poodle

Some time ago we began debating the need for our oldest son, Parker, who is mentally and physically handicapped, to have a dog to care for. He and I both felt strongly that we needed an in-the-house dog that would be gentle and wouldn’t be leaving hair all over. We studied and thought about it […]

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Getting back into the puppy business

In the past several years our females have gotten older and have “gone the way of the world.” In fact, our beloved female, Dizzie, is now older and has cancer. She will need to be put down in the next few weeks. We have not kept up on getting younger dogs and so there has […]

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Meg is our newest female labrador retriever. She will be bred to our male Digger and should have some outstanding pups. We are excited to see what this breeding produces.

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We purchased Digger out of Emmett, Idaho. His father is a Master Hunter and both his sire and dam lines have a decent number of field trial lineage. This includes almost all of his great grand parents. Since our school district mascot is the Sugar Salem “Diggers” due to all the beets that were cultivated […]

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What are we doing now?

As my day job as a school superintendent has been keeping me too busy to train (I know. Nothing should keep me that busy) I have had to back off the breeding and training of gun dogs. In fact it has been some time since I have seriously trained. Oh, friends and I still go […]

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Rebel/Dizzie breeding Winter 2012/Spring 2013

Dizzie and Rebel bred two weeks ago. Puppies should be born on or around December 13, 2012 and ready to go home late January. These will be all yellow pups and should be around 80 to 85 lbs as adults. They should have great dispositions and be excellent family pets.

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Update on new Litter

Today is Thursday the 12th of April. All seven puppies (5 males and 2 females) are very healthy, active. Dizzie is healthy and seems to be getting more energy back after the delivery.

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Use of an e-collar

Below are comments from Steve Snell at Gun-Dog Supply about training books for e-collar users. I like to do business with them because they are so good to work with when there are problems with your e-collar.   Tri-Tronics Retriever Trainingpresents a thorough explanation of the proper use of Tri-Tronics electronic collars in training retrievers. […]

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7 pm Sunday eve another black male born

It’s about 7 pm Sunday eve and another black male was born. That brings the total to 5 males and 2 females. Wish we had a more even balance but…. we’ll take what we can get. This last one was another very precocious pup – suckling after just a minute.

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2:30 Sunday Afternoon – Another puppy born – male black

At 2:30 pm Sunday afternoon another puppy was born. Seven of us, family and friends, were watching as it birthed. This one is male. So we now have four males and two females. This one is the largest and after only about five minutes it scooted over to Dizzie and began to nurse. Very precocious.

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12:50 pm Sunday afternoon – Puppies

Moved Dizzie into the house in what we call the fireplace room when the family was at church! Spread out a large tarp and covered it with a blanket. Turned on the fireplace and put in two space heaters. Moved an overhead light and attached a headlamp right over the center of the blankets. Heated […]

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Dizzie and Taipan Puppies being born

9:00 am Sunday Morning. Dizzie and Taipan are having puppies this morning. So far there are 3 black male puppies. We are keeping the whelping box clean and dry and helping mom all we are able. Puppies are fat and healthy.

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Force Training Ace

I just finished up force training Ace, an 8 month old puppy out of Rebel and Dizzie and owned by Mark Lamonoco of Idaho Falls. Ace has been a joy to train. He has caught on quickly and so full of energy that he can be trained for extended periods of time without losing any […]

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Moving Ridge up to Double Marks and Blind Retrieves

We started Ridge on double marks last week and I can see I have made a few mistakes or handler errors. We have been throwing the doubles using a device called a “Bumper Boy” which is a mechanical thrower. It has a megaphone which makes a duck quack getting their attention and throws a mark […]

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Exercise Induced Collapse – Listen to a podcast about EIC

The link below will take you to a short podcast on Exercise Induced Collapse.

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