Ten Bears Road Trip "Tick" Radar's Sire

Ten Bears Road Trip "Tick" (Radar's Sire)

Spirits Ten Bears Ridge “Ridge”
DOB: 5/25/10


AKC # SR62623410
CNM (Canine Neuropathy) # LR-CNM10-613-M-PI, Ridge is CNM clear
EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) #D10-042905 Ridge is EIC clear
OFA (Orthpedic Foundation for Animals – Hip Dysplasia) # Although Ridge is not old enough (2 years) to have his hips checked officially, preliminary x-rays show his hips to be good or excellent – deep rounded ball and socket)
CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation) #

Ridge Pedigree (Out of Ridge’s 4 generation, 30 ancestors, 28 of them are titled dogs)

Ridge is our new chocolate pup in whom we have high hopes. We are working with him on a daily basis and he is getting puppy kindergarten down very quickly.

Ridge’s parents are both clear of Canine Neuro Myopathy (CNM) and Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) which means that Ridge is clear of both of these as well. His father has good hips and his mother has excellent hips so his chances of having good or excellent hips is high. To our knowledge, there are no problems with elbows or eyes in his near ancestry.

It is our goal to take Ridge through the Master Hunt Test Program of the American Kennel Club (AKC) and then on to field trials. Ridge should make a great sire after his second birthday and after we have his hips and elbows checked.