Click here to see the Dizzie puppy page with a video of an older litter from Dizzie and Taipan.

We currently have two females, Meg (Chocolate Labrador Retriever) and Willow (Black Standard Bred Poodle). We breed both of them to our Chocolate  male, Digger.  In the past we have only bred each female once per year one litter a year but new information out says that it is preferable to breed them each heat cycle but not breed them as they get older.

All of our puppies are well socialized. We have them out for some time every day, as they get older, and they get plenty of exercise. They learn to love people and will usually run to anyone in the back yard.

We remove the dew claws when they are about 3 days old and they get their shots and are wormed before going to new homes. Shots include everything your pup needs except rabies which may only be given by the Vet.

Oftentimes buyers reserve pups long before they are born or even conceived. We require a deposit of 200.00 to reserve a pup. Deposits reserve the pick of the litter in the order in which they are received by us. This deposit is refundable if there is some problem with us being able to provide the pup you request. In that case we will refund your deposit or allow you leave it as a reservation for an upcoming litter.

We will provide pictures of the pups on our website at least twice between when they are born and ready to send home.

We accept personal checks, bank checks, money orders, or paypal deposits. In the case of personal checks they must clear the bank before the pup can be shipped.

We ship pups all over the United States and Canada. Usually shipping will be COD – which you will pay at the time the pup is picked up at the airport. You will also pay for the shipping crate. We provide, free of charge, shots, dew claw removal, and health certificate.

We can also provide microchip identification at a very nominal charge. Our microchips are the most common and can be read by most veterinarians and/or animal shelters. Microchip numbers can be registered with the AKC and can be used to identify your dog in the case of theft.