Map to Spirit Labradors

Spirit Labradors is located in South East Idaho .  We are surrounded by world class trout fisheries and waterfowl havens.  Sandwiched between the North ( Henry ’s Fork) and South Forks of the Snake River, we also have numerous small bodies of water as well.

This Upper Snake River Plain area is primarily a farming community and has many huge grain fields.  This added to the accessibility of wetlands attracts a wide variety and significant numbers of ducks and geese. Adjacent to us are miles of rolling sagebrush hills with good numbers of Sharptail and Sage Grouse. We also have many Blue Grouse and Gray (Hungarian) Partridge.

Spirit Labradors is a small kennel and we may only have two or three litters of puppies each year.  We hunt our dogs regularly throughout the season and they have the opportunity of retrieving many different species of waterfowl and upland birds.

Our breeding philosophy does not include simply breeding for color (we may have Chocolate, Yellow, and Black Labrador puppies for sale).  We believe that qualities of character such as drive, determination, and heart, coupled with a gentle disposition are more important.  Any dog we have ever kept or bred must demonstrate three basic qualities:  not only must he or she be an excellent hunter with very strong retrieving instincts, but must also be easily trainable as well as a good family pet.  We believe that a quality Labrador is one that is pleasing to the eye – having classic Labrador good looks.

In past few years we have begun breeding to our Standard Poodle, Willow, and raising F1 and F1b Labradoodles. We have purchased a very tall chocolate male Standard Poodle, Taeko (Pronounced Tiko). We have found that these Labradoodles are so laid-back and chill around the house but are also athletic and make great companions for  joggers, cross country skiers, walkers, etc. They are great with children and kids and when people come to visit.

We also believe in a year-round training program.  We Hunt Test our dogs and train them regularly.  We enjoy working with our dogs and believe that the “process” we go through is as important to our mental health as it is to the dog’s.  Training is a family affair which we enjoy doing together.