New Litter of Labradoodles Available!

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We have a new litter of Labradoodles out of our Chocolate Lab, Digger, and our Standard Poodle, Willow. There are 9 puppies with available black males and chocolate females. As of this date, they are seven weeks old and ready to go home! Reserve one today and take him or her home early October. Go

Meg’s Litter is Here

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Meg had her first litter of pups, all chocolate, March 1, 2017. There are seven pups, four females and three males. All are happy, fat, and healthy. We removed the dew claws today and Mom took very good care of them. Meg is an awesome mom, always very careful around them and provides a great


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We purchased Digger out of Emmett, Idaho. His father is a Master Hunter and both his sire and dam lines have a decent number of field trial lineage. This includes almost all of his great grand parents. Since our school district mascot is the Sugar Salem "Diggers" due to all the beets that were cultivated

What are we doing now?

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As my day job as a school superintendent has been keeping me too busy to train (I know. Nothing should keep me that busy) I have had to back off the breeding and training of gun dogs. In fact it has been some time since I have seriously trained. Oh, friends and I still go

Force Training Article by Alan Dunn and Bryan Dunn

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Force Breaking to Retrieve Note: Make sure to distinguish between negative reinforcement and punishment. Punishment extinguishes a behavior while negative reinforcement causes a behavior to start or continue as does positive reinforcement. The e collar, when used after a behavior is a form of punishment, but when used before the behavior and then stopped when

Force Training Ridge

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About a two weeks ago I began force training Ridge. If you are unaware of what force training is you should read up on it. A good book is the Tri-tronics book of Retriever Training or the articles by Mike Lardy. You can find information online. In a nutshell, force training is the use of

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