What are we doing now?

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As my day job as a school superintendent has been keeping me too busy to train (I know. Nothing should keep me that busy) I have had to back off the breeding and training of gun dogs. In fact it has been some time since I have seriously trained. Oh, friends and I still go

Force Training Article by Alan Dunn and Bryan Dunn

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Force Breaking to Retrieve Note: Make sure to distinguish between negative reinforcement and punishment. Punishment extinguishes a behavior while negative reinforcement causes a behavior to start or continue as does positive reinforcement. The e collar, when used after a behavior is a form of punishment, but when used before the behavior and then stopped when

Force Training Ridge

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About a two weeks ago I began force training Ridge. If you are unaware of what force training is you should read up on it. A good book is the Tri-tronics book of Retriever Training or the articles by Mike Lardy. You can find information online. In a nutshell, force training is the use of

Teaching Your Puppy to Sit

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This past week I have begun teaching Ridge to sit. I started the day he was 12 weeks old. I wouldn't recommend starting to teach sit when your puppy is any younger but you can start anytime after that. Start by getting some quite small pieces of hotdog or cheese. I prefer small quarter inch

First day of Training “Ridge”

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Well, we began training Ridge as soon as we got him home. Early training of a 9 week old puppy is not what you might expect. Our training consists first off making him feel that he is part of the pack and family. We give him plenty of positive attention and help him to feel

Introduction to our blogs

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Many people in the dog world are the outdoorsy type who are not too familiar with the whole world of public media. At least I am in that category. My son, Logan, has encouraged me to start this blog.  A Blog is short for Web log, or in other words a place on the web

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