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Use of an e-collar

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Below are comments from Steve Snell at Gun-Dog Supply about training books for e-collar users. I like to do business with them because they are so good to work with when there are problems with your e-collar.   Tri-Tronics Retriever Training presents a thorough explanation of the proper use of Tri-Tronics electronic collars in training retrievers.

Force Training Article by Alan Dunn and Bryan Dunn

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Force Breaking to Retrieve Note: Make sure to distinguish between negative reinforcement and punishment. Punishment extinguishes a behavior while negative reinforcement causes a behavior to start or continue as does positive reinforcement. The e collar, when used after a behavior is a form of punishment, but when used before the behavior and then stopped when

Force Training Ridge

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About a two weeks ago I began force training Ridge. If you are unaware of what force training is you should read up on it. A good book is the Tri-tronics book of Retriever Training or the articles by Mike Lardy. You can find information online. In a nutshell, force training is the use of

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