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Use of an e-collar

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Below are comments from Steve Snell at Gun-Dog Supply about training books for e-collar users. I like to do business with them because they are so good to work with when there are problems with your e-collar.   Tri-Tronics Retriever Training presents a thorough explanation of the proper use of Tri-Tronics electronic collars in training retrievers.

Force Training Article by Alan Dunn and Bryan Dunn

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Force Breaking to Retrieve Note: Make sure to distinguish between negative reinforcement and punishment. Punishment extinguishes a behavior while negative reinforcement causes a behavior to start or continue as does positive reinforcement. The e collar, when used after a behavior is a form of punishment, but when used before the behavior and then stopped when

Training 10-28-10

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Took Ridge out to a local pond today. We have been training about 5 days a week with Ridge. Throwing dummies in the pond with a remote throw. Ridge is hitting the water very hard and doing water retrieves of about 60 yards. He swims smoothly, not like a puppy at all. He loves to

First day of Training “Ridge”

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Well, we began training Ridge as soon as we got him home. Early training of a 9 week old puppy is not what you might expect. Our training consists first off making him feel that he is part of the pack and family. We give him plenty of positive attention and help him to feel

Training Your Puppy

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A couple of months ago I decided to purchase a new puppy. First off I had to decide what my criteria for the pup would be. This included: 1. breed 2. color 3. quality of breeding 4. age of dog 5. Certifiications I have always liked Labrador retrievers even though I have had Goldens and

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