Meg and Digger have a litter of pups available!

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Meg and Digger had a litter of nine pups October 21, 2017. They are all happy, healthy, and busy! Most were reserved before we put the notice on our website. We do have one of the females not yet reserved as of this date and every one of these pups will make an excellent addition

Willow has pups! New Labradoodle Pups at Our Kennel

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Willow, our Standard Bred Poodle has had a litter of eleven pups!   The sire is our Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Digger. The litter has both male and female and four different colors - Chocolate, Parchment, Caramel, and Black. Female pups from this litter should be around 65 lbs. while males should be around 75 lbs.

New Standard Bred Poodle

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Some time ago we began debating the need for our oldest son, Parker, who is mentally and physically handicapped, to have a dog to care for. He and I both felt strongly that we needed an in-the-house dog that would be gentle and wouldn't be leaving hair all over. We studied and thought about it

Getting back into the puppy business

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In the past several years our females have gotten older and have "gone the way of the world." In fact, our beloved female, Dizzie, is now older and has cancer. She will need to be put down in the next few weeks. We have not kept up on getting younger dogs and so there has


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Meg is our newest female labrador retriever. She will be bred to our male Digger and should have some outstanding pups. We are excited to see what this breeding produces.

Teaching Ridge to sit – Part II

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Ridge is now 14 weeks old and I have been working with him on an infrequent basis. today is probably the 6th day of training on sit. As you can see in the video below, Ridge is already doing very well. I have been increasing the time he is required to sit and have been

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