Rebel/Dizzie breeding Winter 2012/Spring 2013

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Dizzie and Rebel bred two weeks ago. Puppies should be born on or around December 13, 2012 and ready to go home late January. These will be all yellow pups and should be around 80 to 85 lbs as adults. They should have great dispositions and be excellent family pets.

Update on new Litter

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Today is Thursday the 12th of April. All seven puppies (5 males and 2 females) are very healthy, active. Dizzie is healthy and seems to be getting more energy back after the delivery.

7 pm Sunday eve another black male born

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It's about 7 pm Sunday eve and another black male was born. That brings the total to 5 males and 2 females. Wish we had a more even balance but.... we'll take what we can get. This last one was another very precocious pup - suckling after just a minute.

12:50 pm Sunday afternoon – Puppies

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Moved Dizzie into the house in what we call the fireplace room when the family was at church! Spread out a large tarp and covered it with a blanket. Turned on the fireplace and put in two space heaters. Moved an overhead light and attached a headlamp right over the center of the blankets. Heated

Dizzie and Taipan Puppies being born

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9:00 am Sunday Morning. Dizzie and Taipan are having puppies this morning. So far there are 3 black male puppies. We are keeping the whelping box clean and dry and helping mom all we are able. Puppies are fat and healthy.

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