Jade has one male and three female puppies available as of today! The one male is a cream colored puppy that we call Scout, one female is cream (Ellie),  and two females are Chocolate (Piper and Josie). You can see pics on our Spirit Labradors Facebook page. These are from Jade and Nico. You can see all the information about Jade on our website. Nico is an all white Standard Poodle with long slender legs. The chocolate puppies will develop cream highlights in their hair while the cream puppies will generally stay cream all their lives. The cream puppies are somewhat more flat coated and may turn out to have wavier hair as adults. The chocolates are more wavy now and may turn out to be more curly when adults. There are outliers, however, and some Labradoodle puppies may change colors, or curls, a bit. They should turn out to be around 65 to 75 lbs as adults.