I just finished up force training Ace, an 8 month old puppy out of Rebel and Dizzie and owned by Mark Lamonoco of Idaho Falls. Ace has been a joy to train. He has caught on quickly and so full of energy that he can be trained for extended periods of time without losing any excitement. Mark had worked with Ace just a little on hold, which helped but we still began at the start with “hold” using a gloved hand. Now we just completed force to the pile using frozen ducks and he is holding well. One of the things I so enjoy watching is him come up out of the water with a frozen duck and shake without dropping the duck. He isn’t perfect yet but with the insistence for him to hold while we are out in general training I think he will steady up very nicely. It is obvious that he has totally made the connection that when the dummy is in his mouth there is no pressure. He absolutely loves to retrieve and has done do all the way through this 6 weeks of force fetch.