Many people in the dog world are the outdoorsy type who are not too familiar with the whole world of public media. At least I am in that category.

My son, Logan, has encouraged me to start this blog.  A Blog is short for Web log, or in other words a place on the web to keep a sort of journal centered around any one, or a number of topics. In this blog I can let you know what I am doing in my training program and you can respond by making comments. There may be several categories such as “training your puppy,” “preparing for a hunt test,” or “what I am doing with my AKC Senior hunter.” You may suggest a post and can then start a new thread for all to see and comment on.

Anyone who gets on the website can see both what I have posted as well as all the comments attached from my readers.

I must say that the impetus behind this site and blog is simply that I enjoy dogs and training them. In fact, I enjoy the whole training and hunt testing process as much as I do hunting.

If you are like me, or if you just want to improve the dog you have now for hunting or as a family pet then look here occasionally and add a comment of your own.