What you need to purchase BEFORE you pick up your puppy

NUTRITION is ESSENTIAL:  The choices you make play a vital role in the Health and Longevity of your pet.

© FOOD:  We feed and recommend Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy Food. (We feed Purina Pro Plan Sport with all of our adult dogs.) Although this is what we use there are many good dog foods out there. There is a significant difference in quality so please don’t risk feeding your pup foods that may be recalled or source ingredients from China or ingredients that are toxic.   Sign up for FREE recalls here:

©NUVET PLUS WELLNESS WAFERSWhy supplement if you feed a “good food?” NuVet NOURISHES you pet for theLongest-Healthiest life possible.  Your puppy and their mama get NuVet daily so please continue this important supplement. Fills in vital nutrients missing in processed pet food which boosts immunity, reduces cell damage which causes rapid aging, and supports long-term health. They have a 23 year recall free record and human grade ingredients, made in the US.  Click  OR Call 800-474-7400, reference # 46754 (They also carry natural ear cleaner, shampoos and spot remover for potty training) They offer an Auto-Ship discount of 15% which breaks down to about $16 a month!. Set at the frequency you prefer. Cancel any time.

BASICS:   (Please avoid products manufactured in China – They often contain toxins)

____ Food and water bowls ( stainless steel – avoid plastic which can leach into the food/water )

____ Bed:  We like Wash’nZip:  Easy to clean and hard to destroy!  Get the Puppy Proofer too. Use code SPIRIT and get a 15% discount

____ Leash 

____ Chain Collar

____ PLEASE be sure to register your microchip!!!

____ ID tag and collar

____ Waste bags – for walks

____ Crate – Your dog will most likely need a large airline crate.

____ Shampoo – Don’t use human products- Dogs have different PH and human shampoos are irritating

____ Dog brush The rakes or dematting combs are good for grooming.

____ Good puppy books