Some time ago we began debating the need for our oldest son, Parker, who is mentally and physically handicapped, to have a dog to care for. He and I both felt strongly that we needed an in-the-house dog that would be gentle and wouldn’t be leaving hair all over. We studied and thought about it and came to the conclusion that we needed a Standard Bred Poodle. That was a very tough sell for me as I have always thought of the Poodle breed (Toy, Miniature, and Standard) as “foo foo” dogs that weren’t what a “real” man would have. We also decided that any poodle should have all the health clearances possible for the breed. We looked long and hard and found a Black Standard Bred Poodle pup out of Utah that just fit the bill. We got her at about 12 weeks old and Parker named her Willow. We don’t know much about Poodles yet but I can tell you that she really doesn’t shed at all! Give her a bath in the tub and there is no hair in the drain at all. She lives in the house, sleeps on a thick pad next to Parker’s bed, is completely house trained, and is just generally a great family pet. She retrieves, swims, and accompanies us where ever we go! We think getting her was a great decision. In the future we’ll be breeding her to our Chocolate Lab, Digger. They should have some beautiful Labradoodle pups, probably some black and some chocolate. I am not sure of the genetics in breeding Labradoodles so since black is the dominant color in Labs her pups might all be black…. We’ll see.