We have only one male at Spirit Labradors, Digger.

We have four females, one chocolate Labrador (Meg), one black Labrador (Luci, chocolate factored), one chocolate labradoodle (Jade), and one Black Standard Bred Poodle (Willow).

The highlighted names on each paragraph are links to more information and pedigrees.

Spirit’s Way-Da-Go Digger Blue (Digger)

Digger is a large male of about 87 lbs. He is a dark, shiny chocolate and is free of both CNM and EIC by parentage. His hips are good and elbows are normal through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals OFA.

Spirit’s Spicy Nutmeg (Meg)

Meg is an AKC chocolate Labrador Retriever. She is about 75 lbs and has a great look to her. She is free of both CNM and EIC by parentage and her hips are rated as good by the OFA.

Spirits Willowy Girl (Willow)

Willow is a tall and lanky black female Standard Bred Poodle. Our oldest son Parker has her has a house pet. She is free of every genetic issue that we are aware of in the Standard Bred Poodle line. She is super smart and has a great personality. She is quiet in the house but gives our other dogs a real run when they are outside together. We will breed her to our males and have Labradoodles when she is about two years old.