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Our Dogs
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We have two males at Spirit Labradors and breed our females to several others. One of our males is chocolate and the other is yellow.

We have two females, one chocolate Labrador and one Black Standard Bred Poodle.

The highlighted names on each paragraph are links to more information and pedigrees.

Spirit’s Way-Da-Go Digger Blue

Digger is a large male of about 85 lbs. He is a dark, shiny chocolate and is free of both CNM and EIC by parentage. His hips are good and elbows are normal through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals OFA.

Spirits Willowy Girl

Willow is a tall and lanky black female Standard Bred Poodle. Our oldest son Parker has her has a house pet. She is free of every genetic issue that we are aware of in the Standard Bred Poodle line. She is super smart and has a great personality. She is quiet in the house but gives our other dogs a real run when they are outside together. We will breed her to our males and have Labradoodles when she is about two years old.

Rocket Sam’s Taipan

Taipan is a large black male who has retrieved thousands of ducks and geese. He has a thick coat and hunts well in even the coldest weather. His owner, Roger Francis, has taken him to canada numerous times where he has proven to be an outstanding retriever – doing all the retrieving for a blind full of hunters. Taipan is a gorgeous dog with a muscular physique. HIs father is NFC/FC/AFC Eagle Ridge Rocket Sam, a truly outstanding dog and who is well-known throughout the United States and Canada as a great competitor. Taipan has good hips and is CNM and EIC clear!

Rebel is an 80 lb yellow male who has that muscular chiseled look that comes of being an outstanding athlete. He has been an absolute joy to have as a family pet and hunting companion. Rebel passed his Senior Hunt Tests and is now a titled Senior Hunter. He has been outstanding on upland birds and has retrieved many pheasants and some sharptails and sage grouse. I have taken him to Canada hunting waterfowl and he retrieved many geese and ducks. He handles well on blind retrieves and will take both left and right backs. He heels on either side and on upland birds he will find a scent, follow it, flush the bird and sit to flush. He will retrieve when sent and deliver to hand. He loves it when he sees the gun come out and we are off to hunt. Rebel is a great house dog and will sit comfortably by the fire or in your lap if you aren’t careful!

Drake is a stout chocolate male with a great disposition. He is an outstanding retriever and great work companion. He is EIC and CNM clear through parentage and has good hips certified through OFA and good elbows. His sire is an AKC Senior Hunter from National Field Champion lines. His mother has 3/4 legs on her junior hunt test title and is a large gun dog. Drake weighs 82 lbs.

Hailey is an AKC Junior Hunter. She has sadly passed away. I like to keep some information about her on our site just because she was a great dog and a member of our family. She was out of FC Nan-Dool Elwood Blues and a very good female. Her breeding included FC/AFC River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky, FC/AFC Echos Triple Rough and Ready, and NFC/AFC Storm’s Riptide Star along with many other field champions. She was tall, lanky and very quick. She had good hips. She has the CNM gene but we only bred her to CNM clear dogs. She was a high powered dog who produced excellent pups.

Dizzie was whelped December 16 of 2004 and is no longer breeding. She is out of one of the top Yellow dogs in the country, AFC Hawkeye’s Viking. Hawkeye’s Viking garnered more points on the Derby circuit than any other yellow in history. Dizzie’s dam is a Senior Hunter, which is also no small feat. Dizzie’s hip certification is excellent and she is both CNM and EIC clear.