Jim Beckley and Ridge

Ridge retrieving the paint roller (notice the clamps on each end)

Today Jim (Beckley) and I went out training and Ridge went along. Jim stood about 30 yards away as the “gunner.” He was set up just like for our older dogs with a duck call and training pistol. He blew the call, shot the gun, and threw Ridge’s paint roller dummy. We were on lawn grass for this so Ridge could see the dummy all the way out. He went out and retrieved it, bringing it all the way back. This was what we expected to happen since we had set Ridge up to be successful by not making the mark too long and making sure we were in an area with short grass. Our goal during this exercise was to begin getting him acclimatized to the duck call and shot. These were his first experiences with both of these. We want him to begin associating the shot with something fun and since Jim aimed the gun away from us it was not too loud, Ridge did not flinch away from it. We did this with 2 retrieves and then let him sit for a while and then did one more. You never want to overdo things by giving a puppy too many retrieves. It is best to have him still excited about retrieving when you put him away.