This past week I have begun teaching Ridge to sit. I started the day he was 12 weeks old. I wouldn’t recommend starting to teach sit when your puppy is any younger but you can start anytime after that. Start by getting some quite small pieces of hotdog or cheese. I prefer small quarter inch squares of cheese that are frozen. I have a freezer in the shop just for birds and treats so that makes it easy to keep separate from regular food in the house. Put your pup on a leash with a chain collar. You need to have a chain collar so that you can teach the pup to not pull. When he gets to the end of the leash you gently tug him back in. To teach the sit command, tell him to sit and get his attention. As he looks up he will naturally sit. Give him a treat. Let him sit or a second or two and then lead him off by saying “heel” and then tugging on the leash. Take a few steps and then repeat. Keep repeating for about ten minutes. Do this twice a day for ten minutes. This is much more effective than one time per week for an hour. After you have had 2 or three sessions like this then begin to extend the time you require him to sit. To extend his sit time say “sit” and then wait for him to move off of sit. When he does quickly and firmly pull up on the leash until the chain collar tightens up. When he sits again immediately relax the leash pressure. This will teach him to turn off the pressure – a concept you will use when you force train your pup at about 6 or 7 months old.

I have a short video here that you can watch which explains what we have taught above. Excuse the somewhat excentric tie and chaps. I was on a lunch break from work and the chaps keep dress pants free of dog hair and saliva.