Below are comments from Steve Snell at Gun-Dog Supply about training books for e-collar users. I like to do business with them because they are so good to work with when there are problems with your e-collar.


Tri-Tronics Retriever Training presents a thorough explanation of the proper use of Tri-Tronics electronic collars in training retrievers. The techniques emphasize humane methods based on a solid foundation of canine psychology.

Jim and Phyllis Dobbs and Alice Woodyard take the reader through their step-by-step program for retriever training which emphasizes, above all, “making it easy for dogs to learn.”

Included are sections on how to select a pup with good working potential and how to get started early with “puppy headstart” training that awakens the pup’s desire to learn. The reader is then carefully educated on the proper introduction of the Tri-Tronics collar. The collar introduction program utilizes Jim and Phyllis’ highly successful techniques for teaching reliable responses to commands, while not impairing the dog’s enthusiasm and style.

The book covers in detail how to proceed with the young retriever’s field work, develop its marking skills, prepare it for hunting situations and finally advance it through a handling program. The important question of when and how to use the Tri-Tronics collar and when not to use it is answered for each stage of training. Over 200 photographs, together with detailed diagrams of the handling drills, are also included.

This book is written particularly for the retriever owner who wants to train his own dog for hunting, hunting tests and field trials. In addition, anyone interested in knowing more about how electronic training collars can be used to enhance effective dog training will want to take advantage of this book.

To use the program described in this book, you should have a remote training collar with continuous stimulation, variable intensity, and selectable intensity at the transmitter.

Just Right! — A Step by Step Guide to Remote Collar Dog Training with Robin MacFarlane Just Right! with Robin MacFarlane DVD

With clear explanations and simple techniques, Just Right! — A Step by Step Guide to Remote Collar Dog Training with Robin MacFarlane shows you how to introduce your dog to an electronic collar and properly teach the foundation skills needed for a happy, well-adjusted companion dog.

The skills learned from this DVD will help you to teach your dog to:

  • Walk nicely on leash
  • Come when called
  • Stop jumping on people
  • Stay quietly in one spot
  • Stop nuisance barkingThe training sequences in this video were shot primarily with rescue dogs from the Jackson County Humane Society in Maquoketa, Iowa. The dogs had no known previous training experience. The footage is shown in real time so you can witness for yourself real problems and real solutions as they occur, without any editing.

    Includes 10 page color training guide. Running time: approx. 35 minutes.

    What training do I need to use a dog training collar?What training do I need to use a dog training collar?

    Remote Dog Training Collars are easy to use, and can be very effective dog training tools, but we recommend that you get some instruction whether from reading a training book, watching a video, or working with a professional dog trainer. Talk to folks you know who have been successful with dog training collars.

    Several Remote Collar manufacturers include training information on how to use your collar, but not all of them. If you’re not sure about how to use a collar, a training book or manual is a MUST if you want to be successful with your dog.