Dear Forever Family,

Congratulations on your new ‘family member’!  Are you prepared for your puppy to come home?


While a lot of love, high quality food, and training are important, do you know what threatens your dog’s longevity the most?  Low immunity and rapid cell damage, aka ‘free radicals’.  Good news?…There are variables you can control so you may enjoy many more years together:   What you FEED your pet and what you EXPOSE them to.  Making the healthiest choices are VITAL and many pet parents don’t realize there are ways to support the longevity of your precious pet.

  1. FEED High quality food & treats, NOT sourced in China or filled with sugar and chemicals. We feed Loyall Regular Breed Puppy food to our puppies. It is a 30% protein and 20% fat, which is very nutrient dense. Our adult dogs are all fed Purina Pro Plan Sport.
  2. SUPPLEMENT with NuVet Plus to Boost immunity,  fill in VITAL micronutrients missing in ALL pet foods & to reduce cell damage (slow aging). Of all the items you purchase, considering a strong immune system is #1Order NuVet Plus immune booster before your puppy comes home:   They offer auto shipping so it’s easy and affordable.
  3. AVOID chemicals in and around your home:  Pesticides, lawn chemicals, cleaners.  These are believed to be the #1 cause of the increase in pet cancer.

Now more than ever, our pets are exposed to a barrage of chemicals & pathogens in the environment which cause many of the same diseases we have.  Think about all the chemicals they come in direct contact with in carpets, lawns, etc.  Then…lick them!


Be prepared help your puppy learn how to be a good citizen. Read several books on how to train your puppy. Some good books I recommend are:

  1. Richard Wolters wrote a variety of training books in the early 60’s. They include Water Dog, Game Dog, and Family Dog. These books are short and easy to understand. Their only real error is in saying that your puppy has to go home at exactly 49 days old. This just isn’t true and no one believes that anymore. It would be like saying that your child must enter kindergarten on their sixth birthday!
  2. The Tritronics Book of Retriever Training – This book is promoted for those who would like to train their dog using an electronic collar. However, it has great deal of information presented in short, easy to use chapters. Excellent book!
  3. The Art of Raising a Puppy – I haven’t read it but have heard that it is worth reading.
  4. How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves – by Sophia Yin
  5. The Dog Listener – by Jan Fennel
  6. How to Raise the Perfect Dog Through Puppyhood and Beyond – by Cesar Millan
  7. The Puppy Primer – Pat McConnell’s

There are hundreds of books on the subject on Amazon and probably most of them would be worth using compared to not doing anything. 15 minutes a day is all it takes to have a well behaved dog.

Chain Collars – Don’t be afraid of using a chain (choke) collar after your puppy gets 10 or 12 weeks old. You don’t have to hurt your puppy with it but you do need to be firm. Harnesses are for sled dogs to pull with. Flat collars are to hold an identification tag. Chain collars are for training. Richard Wolters will tell you how to use it. Just remember to take it off when you aren’t training. You don’t want your puppy to get it caught on something and choke him or herself.

Training Classes – Join a local club or take training lessons. It will be good for you and even better for your puppy. Just being trained with other dogs around is especially worthwhile. Please consider signing up for a class. Every city has them.

Vacations – Don’t hesitate to take your pup on vacation with you. There are lots of tips and tricks for making this a good experience for both of you. Your dog will come back better than when she or he left.