Yesterday Connie and I went out to work with Ridge on retrieving in the front yard. This is fairly new to to him to have a remote throw but that is very important. With another person throwing the dummy you may lengthen out your retrieves and it lets the pup know that birds don’t come from you. He has to know that to efficiently mark falls when the bird flys in such as over a set of decoys or jump shooting. Don’t get in the habit of training your puppy by throwing the marks yourself. Get someone else to do the throwing for you. In the video below you can see that Ridge had some real distractions. The neighbors dog, who runs free quite a bit and who loves being at our house, came over and he had to retrieve in spite of her running around. He still does quite well. I still use treats to encourage him to come back but I don’t think that he is really thinking about the treat that much. He is coming back now out of the beginning of a habit. That is something else you will always want to do – develop good habits in your dog. He should develop the habit of always coming when you call or whistle without even thinking about it. If you start when he is young that habit will last a lifetime.

Spirit Labradors – Puppy Retrieving – Using a Remote Throw